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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Post Delivery

10/10/11- Tillie's labor did not progress. After bringing her to the vet we found out that she had a broken pelvis and the pups would have had to take a 90 degree turn just to get out! Tillie had to undergo an emergency c-section which was another risk since she was already extremely dehydrated and weak from starvation. Post delivery Tillie was weak and having difficulty moving around. The pups were acting as a splint for her pelvis and now her pelvis was unstable. After getting her settled back into her foster home she was just weak and uncomfortable. So it was up to us to keep those pups alive! She had 3 black, 4 brown and 2 yellow pups! A total of 9 pups!!!

 When we first arrived home mom was dehydrated and exhausted. She did not have the energy to pay attention to her pups. It was up to us to teach the pups to latch on and feed.
 Mom is also supposed to stimulate the pups so that they can go to the bathroom, but with our hands petting the pups they did okay. And mom continued to sleep. . .
 Nail polish was used to mark the pups to keep track of the sex and the pups were weighed every two hours to make sure they had enough intake of milk.

 After a while the pups were getting the hang of eating and it was easier for more pups to eat at one time!

 Around 4am mom starts to eat a little more and drink! She starts to have energy and starts to notice that she has 9 pups to care for! Finally she is licking and stimulating her pups!

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