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Thursday, October 13, 2011

DAY 4: Pups and mom doing well!

Today Tillie ate and drank the most she has since her delivery! She seems to feel a lot better. As for the pups. . . they love to eat and sleep! We also have two pups that eat better then the rest and are growing fast. For people that were wondering Tillie has 4 boys and 5 girls!
                                           Yep. . . they are still eating. . .
 Mom licking her babes.
 Three smooshed pups!
 All stretched out. . .
 The babies will sleep anywhere. . .
 most of them have tongues out while sleeping. . . so adorable!

 all 9 pups giving mom a little break. .

 count these pups. . .haha all intertwined. . .

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  1. You and Sandi did terrific work with Tillie and the pups. I'm really impressed. You two are fab women!